Refractory Industry

Providing a wide range of raw materials used in producing high-quality, sustainable refractory products worldwide.

With technological advancements in the refractory industries, the requirement for raw minerals is constantly changing, with fused products in demand. Clay minerals are the perfect raw material because of their plasticity and ability to handle very high temperatures without changing physical or chemical properties.

As India’s leading ball clay producer, JLD Minerals has served the refractory industry for ages. While its present production line is committed to the existing demand, its research and development team is coming up with innovative products that can lower the production cost of refractory items without compromising the quality or safety of the products. JLD Minerals is also rising to the challenge of helping the refractory industry reduce its carbon footprint through its innovative products.

Here are some of the major reasons why JLD Minerals continue to be the most preferred raw minerals supplier by the refractory industry:

Thorough understanding of industry requirement
Robust production line that can cater to demand spikes
High-quality supply to ensure sustainable products
Well-established logistics network to supply to any part of the world

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High-Quality Minerals We Provide

Through years of experience in mineral mining, we have developed one of the widest product catalogues serving various applications.

Silica Sand

Silica Sand’s chemical composition is SiO2 Very High…


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Quartz is silicon dioxide with the chemical...


Bentonite is an aluminium phyllosilicate...