Our Process

Our streamlined processes are the most prominent driving force that has placed JLD Minerals as the top ball clay supplier. The only way to get good at something is to do it repeatedly and keep improving each time. Imbibing this motto, our working processes have evolved in the last 50 years, including technology, innovations, a competent workforce and, more importantly, the solid intent to keep improving ourselves. The following are major steps included in our process of delivering high-quality, reliable clay:

Geological Survey

The first step of the mining process is identifying the right location for mining. For this, extensive geological surveys are carried out in potential regions. Our scouting team works on identifying areas spread across the western part of India. Once a few regions are identified, then small and wide-scale drilling is carried out to quantify and qualify the mineral deposits. The survey results must be well analyzed, and only then is the region earmarked as a mining region. Post that, we obtain the requisite clearances to begin the excavation stage of the mine.


The excavation part is fundamentally the opening of the mine and extracting the mineral deposit. Once all the clearances are obtained, and requisite safety measures are taken, the digging of the min starts. Deep-level digging is not needed for raw clay minerals in most mines. Instead, high-end excavators remove the topsoil and gravel portion of the mine region to expose the raw minerals. These minerals are then excavated and loaded in trucks to take them to the plant for further processing. Once all possible mineral deposits are unearthed, the mine pit is refilled with gravel and topsoil and the entire mine region is cultivated in line with our commitment to ecosystem balance.

Segregation & Classification

The truck’s mineral deposits are now unloaded in the storage area. This area is covered from the top but opens from the sides, which helps boost the air dry phenomenon to reduce the overall moisture of the minerals. Then these deposits undergo a variety of tests to identify their chemical and physical properties. Based on the results of these tests, they are classified into different clay forms. Generally, one clay mine generates a wide range of clay types. Hence this step is essential to identify and segregate these varieties of clays.

Dressing & Sorting

Once the clay deposits are tested and classified accordingly, then they are segregated. In the next step, these clay lumps are passed through a chopper. The fast-moving sharp knives of the chopper cut down the chunks into small pieces. If needed, these chopped clay pieces are subjected to flash drying to reduce the inherent moisture level further. Low moisture ensures that the clay pieces are ready to be powdered. Hence the pieces are then moved to the hopper and fed into a rolling grinding mill. This mill converts the pieces and lumps them into fine powder. The settings for the powder finesse depend on the clay type. Once the clay is powdered, it undergoes quality testing to ensure the high performance of its chemical and physical properties.

Dispatch to Customers

Once the quality control team is satisfied with the clay powder properties, it is moved to the packaging unit. We deploy hi-tech packaging solutions that save time and resources and ensure leakproof delivery of our products. Packaging spouts are used to speed up this process, and dry clay powder is filled into bags and sealed. We offer a variety of packaging solutions and hence can cater to all types of client requirements. Once the clay powder is packed, it is dispatched using trucks. Based on its destination, this clay dispatch travels through either trucks, railways or ship containers.

Beneficiation & Processing

JLD Minerals is one of the very few clay manufacturers equipped with the proper infrastructure and competency to enhance clay products and even provide blended clay. Based on the requirement, the dry clay powder undergoes a series of steps that augments the chemical and physical properties of the clay. With this pioneering technology, we can cater to clients with special requirements for custom clay properties. JLD Minerals also offers blended clay products. The clay lumps of different types of clays are fed into the grinding mill in requisite proportions resulting in fine composite clay powder. This powder is further processed to remove impurities like sand or extra silica levels. The final product is super refined blended clay ready to service any type of clay requirement of the client.

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Why We Are Better

JLD Minerals is able to position itself as the leading ceramic industry raw minerals supplier due to the following:

Experience of over 50 years
Well-established logistics network
Comprehensive product range of minerals
Faster turnaround time in the industry
High-quality products guaranteed