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Quartz is the second most common mineral on the Earth's surface and is the most common silica crystal. It is found in abundance in almost all types of rocks. Quartz is generally transparent or translucent depending on its composition and is used extensively in glassmaking and ceramics. In addition, its industrial-strength, non-reactive properties and silicon dioxide contribution make it an essential raw material for producing many essential items.

Quartz is silicon dioxide with the chemical formula

Physical Properties

Quartz showcases the following physical properties, which is why it is used in a variety of applications in a lot of sectors:

Extremely Hard

Chemically Inert

Thermally Stable



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Quartz is found in a lot of abundances and has important physical properties which make it highly usable in a lot of applications:

Solar Panels

Quartz is widely used in manufacturing the crucibles or furnaces deployed for casting silicon for photovoltaic cells for solar panels and other semiconductor parts.

Silicone Production

Quartz is a rich source of silicone and is used for producing ferroalloys, silicone production and even aluminium alloys.

Induction Furnaces

Silica products made out of quartz are widely used for manufacturing linings for coreless induction furnaces that are used for holding and melting iron.

Glass Making

Quartz is extensively used for making a variety of glasses such as tableware, fibreglass insulation, reinforced glass and other special applications like CRT, lamps & screens.