Heavy Engineering Industry

Our clay solutions cater to a variety of heavy engineering industrial needs enhancing the safety, strength and stability of products.

Besides resistance to high temperature, clays also exhibit increased resistance to electricity. This is why a variety of clays are used as insulating components. One of the most prominent uses of clay is in manufacturing electro-porcelain products that are used for wide-ranging insulation applications. Porcelain insulators have many advantages compared to traditional insulators, such as mechanical strength, resistance to wear and tear and longevity.

Porcelain is made from Kaolinite, Feldspar and Quartz in various compositions. JLD Minerals has been producing all these components in colossal bulk. The composition may vary based on the need, but JLD Minerals can cater to the client's custom needs. Certain insulators use extra pure Kaolinite as base material and specific additives. Over the years, JLD Minerals has created a wide range of insulation solution raw minerals and has been exporting them to countries across the globe.

Heavy engineering industries across the world have been sourcing raw minerals from JLD Minerals due to the following reasons:

High-quality production of raw minerals certified by stringent quality checks
Ability to bulk supply various compositions of clay, including blended clay
Use of advanced technology enabling a quicker turnaround time
Vast export experience with a well-mapped logistics network

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High-Quality Minerals We Provide

Through years of experience in mineral mining, we have developed one of the widest product catalogues serving various applications.

Silica Sand

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