Dinnerware Industry

Our innovative clay solutions help add extra shine, style, and strength to your dinner table.

Dinnerware continues to be one of the most dominant markets in terms of clay usage. Every day, millions of dinner table products are manufactured and sold across the globe. What started out as an essential requirement to serve food has now transformed into a mammoth industry featuring innovative and creative products, dynamic trends and, more importantly, an ever-growing demand.

Having the most beautiful and stylish crockery set has been a class statement in almost any part of the world. While dinner plates may seem simple and functional, it has witnessed decades of evolution in their design and looks. JLD Minerals has been providing bespoke offerings to the dinnerware sector regarding high-quality products, formulating solutions and even R&D support. One of the major challenges faced by this industry is optimizing the cost of production. JLD Minerals has been doing a lot of work and providing custom solutions to manufacturers that can help them drastically reduce their cost of production without any compromise on the quality and design of the dinnerware products.

JLD Minerals has been able to win the trust and support of the dinnerware sector worldwide because of the following reasons:

Reliable and consistent supply of raw minerals
Production innovation being carried out by the R&D team
Robust operational and quality control processes in place
Over 25 mining sites offer a higher volume and broader range of minerals

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High-Quality Minerals We Provide

Through years of experience in mineral mining, we have developed one of the widest product catalogues serving various applications.

Silica Sand

Silica Sand’s chemical composition is SiO2 Very High…


Feldspar is a tectosilicate with the chemical...


Quartz is silicon dioxide with the chemical...


Bentonite is an aluminium phyllosilicate...