Clay is widely used as an Additives and Sealants Industry, given its unique composite properties. As an additive, it helps the base product become more plastic


Additives & Sealants Industry

Our clay portfolio offers various applications as additives and sealants to enhance the inherent properties of products.

Clay is widely used as an additive, given its unique composite properties. As an additive, it helps the base product become more plastic, increases bonding strength and resistance to heat and electricity, and strengthens the product overall. In addition, Bentonite clay is widely used as a sealant and can absorb a large amount of water and swell to fill up the required space. Advanced material science continues to exploit these additional uses of clay.

JLD Minerals is one of the biggest suppliers of bentonite clay. Bentonite is created from volcanic ash with strong colloidal properties; hence, its paste is used for its quick water absorption qualities. Various aspects of the construction industry use clay minerals as additives and are mixed in specific proportions with concrete. This step enhances the concrete's overall strength as the mixture inherits clay's physical and chemical properties, such as plasticity and resistance to heat, electricity and wear and tear. JLD Minerals offers tailor-made clay solutions to the construction industry to meet their demands.

Identifying the true potential of the use of clay in these unconventional industries, JLD Minerals has pioneered raw minerals supply due to the following reasons:

Production innovation-based approach through competent R&D teams
Streamlined supply-chain operations catering to fluctuating bentonite demands
25+ mining sites, along with the ability to supply customized blended clay
Over 50 years of experience in the clay industry, allowing a thorough understanding

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High-Quality Minerals We Provide

Through years of experience in mineral mining, we have developed one of the widest product catalogues serving various applications.

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