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Sodium feldspar is also called as Soda feldspar Sodium feldspar finds applications in vitrified tile,ceramic glazes,costings,polymers and plastic compounding, Ceramics, glass, abrasives ,paints. Sodium feldspar is the second most well-liked variety of feldspar. Largely consumed in the form of sodium feldspar lumps and sodium feldspar powder in the industry. Sodium feldspar is used as an effective removing agent and is also used in food preservation. These minerals undergo specific quality control for maintaining its purity and impeccable quality.

sodium feldspar

JLD Minerals is one of the leading Indian feldspar exporters from India both Potassium and Sodium feldspar under its brand. It brings along the superior quality of Sodium feldspar offers high potassium and alumina content which provides the necessary assurance that the fusibility of the product satisfy the technical requirement.

We provide Sodium Feldspar to our highly valuable clients. It is accurately composed from high quality sodium. Our clients have appreciated our Sodium Feldspar Powder due to its high quality and purity. Our clients can avail this Sodium Feldspar at competitive price range.

Sodium Feldspar can be utilized in following:
1. In making the body composition of several types of porcelain, china and earthenware and also in the preparation of glazes and enamel.
2. As an important component in the glass sand batch.
3. As a bonding agent in the manufacture of bonded abrasives like wheels and discs of garnet, corundum, emery etc.

We are one of the well renowned formulator of Soda Feldspar Lumps are widely used in various applications such as laboratories, chemical and many other industries for preparation of glazes, enamel, glass etc. We formulate Soda Feldspar products using premium quality chemicals in accordance with the quality standards. Our highly appreciated products are available in various packing structures, which are stringently tested our expert professional.

Uses of Soda Feldspar:
1. In sanitary and porcelain tile bodies for super white Gres porcellanato
2. As flux in ceramic manufacturing
3. In production of porcelain stoneware, sanitary pottery and glazes
4. Wind Plates
5. Vitrified enamels
6. Special Electrical porcelain
7. Opalescent glass
8. Pottery

Soda Feldspar is mined from huge granite bodies (called plutons by geologists), from pegmatites (formed when the last liquid stages of a crystallizing granite becomes concentrated in small liquid and vapor-rich pockets that allow the growth of exceptionally huge crystals), and from sands composed mostly of feldspar. Because feldspar is such a large component of the Earth’s crust, it is assumed that the supply of feldspar is more than adequate to meet demand for a very long time to come.

Soda Feldspar is generally marketed after crush to specified mesh according to consumer’s need and wants. Some firms sell Soda Feldspar after chop up especially for glass industry and some firms utilizing Soda Feldspar as a binding agent in manufacturing of abrasives. Rajasthan was leading producer with a little over half of the total production of feldspar while about one fifth of the production is exported to other states or country.