Sodium feldspar suppliers

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Sodium feldspar suppliers supplying sodium feldspar which is used In ceramic bodies, the main vitrifying (fluxing) agent is feldspar. The majority of white ware bodies contain good proportions of feldspar. Sodium feldspar acts as a flux. As Sodium feldspar suppliers In the ceramic industry, the flux is defined as that portion of the body which develops glass phase. This is provided mostly by feldspar. The amount of change in a ceramic body should be only in such a proportion as to develop the desired amount of verification. If excess of flux is added, the fired body becomes very glassy and consequently, brittle.

sodium feldspar suppliers

JLD Minerals is Sodium feldspar suppliers and our clients are from glass and ceramic industries are the major consumers of feldspar and account for 95% of the total consumption.

Sodium feldspar suppliers that we supplied are generally used for three purposes: 1. In manufacture the body masterpiece of numerous types of porcelain, china and earthenware and also in the preparation of glazes and enamel. 2. As an important component in the glass sand batch. 3. As a linking agent in create of bonded abrasives like wheels and discs of garnet, corundum, emery etc.

We are acknowledged as one of the most famed Sodium feldspar suppliers and industrial minerals manufacturers in India. The collection of the mining industrial minerals includes feldspar, limestone, quartz and talc powder, ball clay etc.

The Sodium feldspar suppliers that our company is supply occur as essential constituents of granite, syenite and gneisses. However, most of the deposits are found in pegmatite veins consisting mainly of feldspar, quartz-feldspar veins and also occur with mica pegmatite. Feldspar is of well-known amount is mined in nearly all countries. Catering to various industrial requirements, we are the best Sodium feldspar suppliers offering the quality-tested Sodium feldspar in different packaging choices, at competitive prices.