Sodium feldspar manufacturers

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JLD Minerals is a significant Indian manufacturer of mineral raw materials. As an independent business runner, we have 48 years of knowledge with well-organized processing technology and high-quality deposits of raw materials. Our company is primarily active in the mining, processing and refining of industrial minerals, particularly Ball Clay, Silica Sand, Quartz, Potassium & Sodium Feldspar. The company was created to offer raw materials to the ceramic world at the maximum standards of quality. The needs of the ceramic industry and the requirements of our markets define the scope of our work. Vast experience and the capacity to transform knowledge into improvement are the sources of our success.

sodium feldspar manufacturers

Sodium feldspar manufacturers producing own sodium feldspar we have our owned mines and raw material producing mining. We have large amount of sodium feldspar deposit. Sodium feldspar manufacturers using the latest technology and equipments for mining and refining. Our main motive is to provide the best quality of sodium feldspar to our clients. As Sodium feldspar manufacturers we always keep in mind that the delivery of the good should be on time.

Sodium feldspar manufacturers - JLD Minerals is the second most popular variety of feldspar manufactured. Most of the amount of Sodium feldspar manufacturers is consumed in the form of sodium feldspar lumps and sodium feldspar powder in the industry. Sodium feldspar is used as an useful removing agent and is also used in food preservation. Sodium feldspar manufacturer’s minerals undergo specific quality control for maintaining its purity and impeccable quality.