Silica Sand

Silica sand has many applications, where the glass making is the foremost application. JLD Minerals has a very high-quality silica sand to offer, which is used in paints, plastics, rubber, glass and ceramics.

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Silica Sand KM
Chemical Properties     Physical Properties  
SiO2 99.52 Visual Appearance  
AI2O3 0.26 Residue on # 300(%)  
Fe2O3 0.05 Slaking (MIN)  
TiO2 NIL Water of Plasticity  
MgO 0.05 Green MOR kg/cm2 (sp.pressure 420 Kg/cm2)  
CaO 0.011 Dry MOR kg/cm2 ( sp.pressure 420 Kg/cm2)  
Na2O 0.032 Fired More Kg/Cm2 (sp.pressure 420 Kg/cm2)  
K2O 0.009 Fired Shrinkage (%) (Temp at 1216’c 60” in KILN)  
L.O.I.As per ED-XRF Fired Colour                                                               L=  
Particle Size                                                                                        A=  
>53 µm                                                                                        B=  
>8 µm   W.A. (%)  
<25 µm   Workebal Electrolight (%)  
< 2 µm   Flow (Second)  
< 1 µm   Density (GM/M-3)  
< 0.5 µm   T.D.S.PPM (20% AQU. Solution)  
    pH (20% AQU. Solution)  

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