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The name of “Feldspar” refers to collection of Aluminum Silicate of potassium, sodium and calcium. The main use of Feldspar is in the Ceramic and Glass Industries. Smaller quantities are used in the manufacturing of Tiles, Whiteware, and Sanitaryware. Other uses of Feldspar include Catalysts, Acid resistant and Decorative Stone as a flux or binding agent in certain scanning Soaps and artificial teeth.

potash feldspar

Potash feldspar find applications as low cost fluxing agent in production of ceramic items i.e. compounding of tiles, sanitary wares, tableware’s, insulators and glazes. Potassium feldspar / Potash feldspar in glass-production, where it supplies the aluminum which enhances the strength / transparency of hollow glass / flat glass and glass wool.

Potash feldspar is used as filler in paints, plasters, insulation etc. Potash feldspar popularly known as potassium feldspar offers a range of properties to assist in the design of tableware items.

JLD Minerals is engaged in contributing a wide variety of Potassium Feldspar (also known as Potash Feldspar Grains) which is formulated using fine superiority raw material to our clients. Potash Feldspar is an important component of sky-scraping tension insulator and also used as filler and extenders in applications such as paints, plastics and rubber. Potash Feldspar also finds application in paint, mild abrasives, latex foam, the welding rod coating. Potash Feldspar is used in ceramic flooring sector and sanitary ware.

The occurrence of potash feldspar in a shiny finish or clay body has a more refractory effect on the ceramic surface compared to alike amounts of soda feldspar. Although potash feldspar actually start on its melt at a lower temperature than soda feldspar, once the melt begins, the formation of Lucite crystals causes a slower and more viscous flow.

Potash feldspars can habitually replacement for each other in most glaze formulas without generate major adjust in surface, make available the silica and alumina content are not too different. The dissimilarity in the feldspars’ silica content can be remunerated for by adding or removing silica from the glaze formula. In any case, before making large-scale replacement, match up to the oxide structure of both feldspars and recomputed the percentage oxide analysis of the glaze with the substituted feldspar.

JLD Minerals is one among the renowned Potash feldspars suppliers, manufacturer and exporter in India. Potash feldspars comes under the group of rock forming minerals and consists more than 60% of the Earth's crust and is also present in compact minerals such as veins and in metamorphic rocks & sedimentary rocks. This potassium feldspar is available in different colors such as white, salmon pink, dark pink etc and is highly applicable for various industrial applications. This rock mineral can also be used in the manufacturing abrasives, wheels etc as a bonding mediator. Feldspar is available in different structures based on the requirements of our clients.

Features of Potash feldspars:
1. Available in custom-made ranges.
2. Striking color and looks.
3. Include high amount of minerals.
4. Can be used for ceramic floors, wall tiles, glassware etc.

Potassium feldspar and plagioclase feldspar are used for ceramics, glass, enamel, soap, false teeth, and scouring powders.