Bentonite is also known as fullers earth, is a kind of clay mineral which is known for its absorbent properties. It has numerous applications ranging from ceramics to cosmetics.

JLD Minerals has more than 5 different varieties of potassium and sodium bentonite which is used in ceramic industrial applications. Our bentonite is very rich in plasticity with high absorbing capacity.

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Bentonite clay is superior grained material, extremely soft and more or less rational when plastic or dry and retentive of water when wet. It has a powerful earthy odor when breathed upon moisture and consists essentially of hydrous alumina silicate with impurities. Bentonite now generally describes clay which consists essentially of the selective mineral montmorillonite regardless of its origin occurrence.


Montmorillonite is hydrated up to 550'C, above this temperature crystallographic changes begin and below this same will retemper. Montmorillonite absorb water in reversible manner.

Types of Bentonite:
1. Sodium bentonite
2. Calcium bentonite
3. Potassium bentonite

Uses of Bentonite:
1. Much of bentonite's usefulness in the drilling and Geo technical engineering industry comes from its unique rheological properties.
2. Bentonite can be used in cement, adhesives, ceramic bodies, and cat litter.
3. The self-stickiness of bentonite allows high-pressure ramming or pressing of the clay in molds to produce hard, refractory shapes, such as model rocket nozzles. Indeed, to test whether a particular brand of cat litter is bentonite, simply ram a sample with a hammer into a sturdy tube with a close-fitting rod; bentonite will form a very hard, consolidated plug that is not easily crumbled.
4. Bentonite also has the interesting property of adsorbing relatively large amounts of protein molecules from aqueous solutions.
5. Bentonite can also be used as a desiccant due to its adsorption properties.

We offer Bentonite in following ways:
1. Bentonite for Pigment and color developer for carbonless copying paper / adsorption of impurities in white water system in paper manufacturing plants.
2. Bentonite for Sulfur refining and decolorizing.
3. Binding agents for Iron Ore palliating plant.
4. Fining of wine juice/beer stabilization/ purifying saccharine juice and syrup.
5. Supporting suspensions for cut of diaphragm wall construction and shield tunneling, sub soil sealing anti friction agents for pipejacking and shaft sinking additives for soil concreat and mortar.
6. Plasticizing of ceramic compounds, improvement of strength/ fluxing agent.
7. Cat litter
8. Thixotropic suspensions for Bore holes scavenging for water drilling, to carry rock cuttings in suspension to the surface.
9. Soil improvement/ animal feed palletizing Bentonite is used.
10. Water treatment.
11. Building agents for special molding sands. Binding agents for synthetic molding sands and core sands. Binding agents for anhydrous casting sands for thickening black washes.

“Bentonite is swelling clay. When it becomes mixed with water it rapidly swells open like a highly porous sponge. From here the toxins are drawn into the sponge through electrical attraction and once there, they are bound.”

JLD minerals offers their customers an excellent range of Bentonite Powder, which find wide application in the manufacturing of paints, grease, cosmetics and other applications in oil well drilling, earthing, foundry, welding rods etc. These are sourced from quality conscious manufacturers.