Ball Clay Suppliers

Ball Clay Suppliers

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Ball clays are kaolinitic sedimentary clays powder that commonly consists of 20-80% kaolinite, 10-25% mica, 6-65% quartz. Ball clay powder in India is fine-grained and plastic in nature. Ball clay in India is found in articles used daily by millions of people around the india as well as world. India Ball clay is necessary components that are used in most types of pottery. Ball clay in India is easily moldable and is white or near white when fired at a high temperature: ball clays are truly better-quality ceramic clays. JLD Minerals is one of the Best Ball clay Industry in india that is dedicated to offer ball clay powder with best quality and this is the only reason that most of the india biggest ball clay buyers best choice is JLD Minerals.


Formerly known as JLD Minerals, we provide superior industrial raw minerals to customers all over the world across a broad range of industries including ceramics, glass, foundry, sports & leisure and paper. As part of the Ball Clay Suppliers we add real value to our customers’ businesses through a combination of premium quality products, technical support and environmental leadership.

ball clay suppliers

Drawn from our reserves of ball clay, kaolin, silica sand and feldspar, our products from the starting point for things we all use every day, from the windows in your home to the cup that holds your morning coffee. Industrial minerals are an essential component of modern life and it is our responsibility as a business to make sure that these natural resources are used wisely.


We haven working in the field as Ball Clay Suppliers from last 48 years, and we have build a healthy relationship with our clients. Ball Clay Suppliers our main motive is to provide the clients premium quality products. We have our own manufacturing unit and we as Ball Clay Suppliers, exporter and manufacturer captured the huge market national as well as international.

Ball Clay Suppliers we supplying it to many industries:
1. Sanitary ware industries use bally clay.
2. Tableware industries.
3. Wall and floor tiles manufacturing industries.
4. Glazes industries.
5. Refractory clays insulators industries.
6. Construction ceramics who involved in building, wall, housing, construction.
7. Electrical porcelain insulators: You will find ball clays in the electrical porcelain components that provide insulation from high voltage currents.
8. Non-ceramic applications: These include horticulture, agriculture, pharmaceutical and amenity industries; use as fillers and extenders in polymers, adhesives, plastics, sealants, medicines, fertilizers and insecticides.