Ball clay suppliers India

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Ball Clay is noteworthy as of high plasticity when mixed with water and it gives higher workability and strength match up to to other types of clay. Ball clay suppliers India we know that it is usually used in pottery and traditional ceramics where color is not very important. Color produced by ball clay usually from light to dark brown.


Ball clay suppliers India generally supply ball clay whose color usually brown to light brown, rarely found in dark color. When fired, the purest type of our ball clay will turn to very light brown. We are the prominent Ball clay suppliers India we are known for its high worth and effectiveness. Our Ball Clay is specifically manufactured to provide high plasticity in a chemical composition for different purposes like potency to the bodies drying. We are the Ball clay suppliers India supplying ball clay at an affordable market price.

ball clay suppliers india

Ball clay suppliers India our products are widely valued among the clients for their exceptional quality and sound performance. With the assistance of skilled and dedicated professionals, we are able to maintain make a distinction position in the global market and capturing the market area also.


Ball clay suppliers India JLD Minerals is best in the field of bally clay. Our mining technology is also latest and raw material that we delivered is fully checked and tested. We always look forward how to increase more market as Ball clay suppliers India globally so that we can have more and more global clients. Our product quality is superior to other and we have our own manufacturing unit with owned mining.

Our range of Ball Clay is high on demand in the market due to following:
1. Ball clay suppliers India have excellent fluid properties and are particularly projected for sanitary ware creation.
2. JLD Minerals Ball clay suppliers India offer clays with high fired brightness, for tableware and other applications where fixed color is significant.
3. JLD Minerals Ball clay suppliers India have a high modulus of rupture and are excellent for tiles.
4. JLD Minerals Ball clay suppliers India is a range of strong, plastic siliceous clays used in tiles, tableware and sanitary ware.
5. JLD Minerals Ball clay suppliers India clays are fully refined, spray dried materials, suitable for particular submission where a high degree of purity is required.