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Ball clay is an exceptional mineral; originate in very few places around the world. It is a significant component in a wide range of goods which are essential in everyday life.

The name "Ball Clay" came into existence back to the early methods of mining, when clay was dug using particular hand tools, which extracted the clay in rough cube shapes of about 25cm each side. As the corners were knocked through handling and storage, the clay cubes became rounded and "ball" shaped.

ball clay manufacturers india

JLD Minerals is listed amongst the most reliable ball clay manufacturers india and clay suppliers in India. We are the Indian ball clay suppliers who produce supreme quality ball clay which is used in both paint and ceramic industry. The Ball Clay manufactures India offered by JLD minerals is available in varied grades to meet the requisites of the clients. Moreover, the refined ball clay has gained positive reception in the sectors dealing in sanitary ware, tableware, wall & floor tiles, glazed & engobes, refractory clays, construction ceramics, electrical porcelain insulators and is also used as fillers and extenders in polymers, adhesives, plastics, sealants, fertilizers and insecticides.


As the best Ball clay manufacturers India we provide our clients with unique quality products sourced from all natural resources, which provide excellent insulation, durability, fade resistance, low maintenance and most importantly, aesthetically appealing clay bricks.


Ball clay manufacturers India we hold the largest market in the field of clay and minerals, we have 48 years of experience with efficient processing technology and high-quality deposits of raw materials. Our company is primarily active in the extraction, processing and refining of industrial minerals, particularly.


Ball Clay Manufacturers India we focus only on the supply of good in time and in proper quantity. We never make our client upset by not delivering good in time. We are at the top of other bally clay manufacturers India because our team works with wholly hearted and with full dedication. We also use the latest technology as well as equipments for mining.

Bally Clay manufacturers India in following industries:
1. The main utility of ball clay is plastic industry due to its high bonding qualities and tensile strength.
2. It is also used in blend with non-plastic to semi-plastic clays to obtain requisite strength to the bodies on drying.
3. It is added in preparation of body composition of vitreous sanitary wares, bath tubes, and hotel chinaware, and floor, wall tiles.
4. It is also utilized in production of porcelain, spark plugs etc.