Ball clay exporters

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Let first understand the meaning of Ball Clay is used daily by millions of people around the world. Ball Clay is essential components of most types of pottery. Bally clay is easily moldable in any shape and is white or near white when fired at a high temperature: ball clays are in fact ‘fine ceramic clays'.


The wide use of ball clay is mainly outstanding contribution of workability, plasticity and strength to the bodies in drying. Ball clay, on the other hand, also imparts high-drying shrinkage which is accompanied by a tendency towards warping, cracking and sometimes even denting. This undesirable property is balanced by the addition of grog.

ball clay exporters

We are the leading Ball clay exporters in Rajasthan. We exports bally clay to many other state and ceramic industries. As Ball clay exporters we have to keep in mind the quality and assurance of the product that we exporting. As bally clay is very rare mineral it is found in only few places. Our bally clay exporters unit is established in the rich belt of Rajasthan state.


Ball Clay exporters to different industries like:
1. Sanitary ware
2. Ceramic Industries
3. Tableware.
4. Glazes and engages
5. Wall and floor tiles


We were incorporated with a motto to export and market ball clay product available in area with professional approach maintaining highest quality standards and decent business approach. We are a fast growing company with all our concern towards the primary objective to fulfill our customer current as well as successive needs. We gained so much name and goodwill as ball clay exporters. This gives us boost to do more hard work in the field of export. So that we can capture large area in the field as ball clay exporters.

Ball Clay exporters are for following industries:
1. A vital material in ceramics: particularly it is used in ceramic manufacturing industries.
2. Sanitary ware: A 'ceramic body' for sanitary ware typically includes ball clay to provide plasticity and workability.
3. Tableware: ball clay to provide high plasticity and a good white-fired color, combined with kaolin, feldspar and quartz.
4. Wall and floor tiles: Combined with talc, feldspar, quartz/silica and kaolin, ball clays are utilized for their plasticity and bonding properties.
5. Ball clays are also used in the production of coatings for ceramic products to ensure the perfect finish.
6. An ability to stand firm with the effects of extremely high temperatures makes ball clay ideal for use in refractory products such as kiln insulation and furniture.
7. Construction ceramics such as bricks, clay pipes and roof tiles all contain ball clay.
8. Electrical porcelain insulators.
9. Non-ceramic applications: These include the construction industry; horticulture, agriculture and amenity industries; use as fillers and extenders in polymers, adhesives, plastics, sealants, fertilizers and insecticides, etc.