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M/s. JAICHAND LAL DAGA was set up in 1974 in Tehsil: Sri Kolayat, Distt. Bikaner (Rajasthan) India. The Main Ball Clay mines are situated in Village: Indoka-Bala, Guda, Motawata & Kotri Tehsil Sri Kolayat and Nal Distt. Bikaner and Junjala District Nagaur (Rajasthan) India.

M/s JAICHAND LAL DAGA have mined and supplied around 1000 million tones of clay of different hues and varieties to the cement; ceramics tiles; and allied industries. Today they are by far the Largest Clay Mining Complex in India.


The ultimate goal of JLD Minerals is to be one of the biggest suppliers in the world for ceramic raw minerals, innovating and leading the way to future of ceramic raw minerals. We strive to reach a point where the manufacturers across the globe can rely on us for their entire raw material need. The dream is to reach on top, but not alone, but with customers and stakeholders, with the help of them, through them and along with them.


We aim to achieve our ambitious dream by working on such materials which will in future cut the overall manufacturing costs, reduce production time, help to achieve ‘never before’ quality while delivering with consistency and reliability. A team of technical experts always monitors the industry and realise the very demand, to serve better, in a much effective way.